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Dr Lachlan Urquhart , Clever Computing through Accountable Design: Cybersecurity in smart homes +discussion with Tariq Elahi

Dr Lachlan Urquhart , School of LawAbstract: This talk will explore part of Dr Urquhart’s upcoming book ‘Clever Computing through Accountable Design’ (Cambridge University…

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Flood Risk: Saat Mubarrok

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Saat Mubarrok Talk Title: Annual Maximum Precipitation in Indonesia linked to…

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A Beneficial Smart Campus? Dr James Stewart and open discussion The Surveillance University discusses some of the activities occuring at the University of Edinburgh that involve developing 'Smart…

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R3 IoT Limited

R3 IoT Limited - EIE19

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What is the Internet of Things - James Stewart and Andres Dominguez - Data Contoversies 2019

An introduction to the Internet of ThingsDr James Stewart and Mr Andres Dominguez, Science Technology and Innovation StudiesData Contoversies 2019 …

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Dr Lachlan Urquart - Regulating Human Building Interaction - Data Controversies 2019

In this talk Lachlan explores the regulatory, technical and interactional implications of Adaptive Architecture (AA) and how it will recalibrate the nature of human-building interaction. We…

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Internet of Things Ethics and Governance - Data Controversies 2019

Introducing the work of the University of Edinburgh Ethic and Governance ACtion Group on Internet of Things, including a case on the Library Occupancy Monitoring Dr James Stewart, Science Technology…

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Judith Rauhofer - Internet of Bodies - Week 5b 2018

Judith Rauhofer Internet of Bodies Week 5b 2018 Controversies in the Data Society

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