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A Global History of Mathematics: An Urgent Human Concern - Serafina Cuomo

Who was an ancient mathematician? Reflections on the power of definitions. Serafina Cuomo Durham University/Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

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Sustainability Story 6 - Henry Ibitolu (Week 2)

Henry Ibitolu, COP27 student delegate at the University of Edinburgh, talks about his passion for energy-efficient buildings and cities.

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Episode 1 - Public Health, Ethics and Law Research Network (PHELN): COVID-19 Vaccination Programmes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

This is the first episode of the Mason Institute Investigates podcast. Professor Anne-Maree Farrell (Edinburgh Law School) is joined by Professor Mary Donnelly (University College Cork) to discuss…

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[IRR 2022] Avoiding Plagiarism

This is a brief talk about how to avoid plagiarism in a research review and project proposal.

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The Benefits of an Open-Science Approach in Student Research Projects - Emma MacKenzie & Felicity Anderson

Student projects can sometimes be overlooked when considering open science methods. This is perhaps because of the limited time available to complete the project, a lack of confidence in their open…

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Adaptive Non-Hierarchical Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems: Moving Mesh and Virtual Element Methods - Andrea Cangiani

Adaptive Moving and Anisotropic Meshes for the Numerical Approximation of PDEs Adaptive Non-Hierarchical Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems: Moving Mesh and Virtual Element Methods Andrea…

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Dispatches from the Frontlines of Environmental Justice

Dispatches from the Frontlines of Environmental Justice: A conversation on colonial resource extraction, gender violence, and COP26. First Nations activist Delee Nikal has travelled with companions…

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Computational Interlude - Week 8 - Jia Loy - part 3_3

3rd part of Computational Interlude 2 for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Jia Loy

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Reformation 175 - Panel 2 - Reformed Theology in Church & Society [Video]

Discussion panel on Reformed theology in Church and society. Chair: Matthew Baines. Panellists: Dr. Sandy Forsyth, Dr. Nathan Hood and Robb Torseth.

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Creating equity in healthcare for LGBT+ people

During LGBT+ History Month, Edinburgh University LGBT+ Medics, Edinburgh BioQuarter LGBT+ Staff Committee and the University of Edinburgh Staff Pride Network are delighted to collaborate to bring you…

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Sexualities and gender diversities at the Brazilian Paraguayan border

A research seminar by Nickolas Sá About this event International border-crossings that do not involve refuge, asylum-seeking and migration are constantly overlooked in International…

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LEL2A: Lecture 5, Week 3.

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REBM Week 5b)

This is the second in a series of recordings for Week 5 of the Year MBChB coourse Research and Evidence-Based Medicine on the general topic 'Hypothesis tests and related statistics –…

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REBM Week 3 - Part b) - Component 2 (MMD)

This is the third in a series of recorded lectures on the topic of diagnostic statistics for research and clinical practice.

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M&M Episode 27: Where we speak with Dr Tracey Madden about accessibility (and the range of what it can be)

The twenty-seventh episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast sees us talking with Dr Tracey Madden about her really important work at the university on accessibility, universal design and…

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Santiago Avendaño interview

Aviagen broiler breeders supply day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide under the Arbor Acres, Indian River, and Ross brand names. These brands…

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