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General Council Half-Yearly Meeting.mp4

Saturday 17th February 2024 in the McEwan Hall. This was the final General Council meeting of the Rector, Ms Debora Kayembe. The Convener, Sir Philip Mawer, gave the report of the Business Committee.…

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Electronics and Electrical Engineering - Are you a future Engineer? November 2023

This session aims to offer an overview of teaching, learning and the student experience in the School of Engineering’s Undergraduate degrees in 2023/24. It is not intended to be exhaustive. For…

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British Council MSC in Digital Education Information Session

A session on 15 August 2023 for prospective students to the MSc in Digital Education

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LEAPS Transitions Course: Promo

Watch this film to learn more about the LEAPS Transitions Course!

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DE Discussions: Derek Moore of Weblearning on South African context, and working in the in-between spaces of digital education

In this session, we were joined by Derek Moore of Weblearning, a South African digital education consultancy that was started in 2003 and whose preference is to author, adapt, adopt, remix and reuse…

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SACHA '23 - Rowan Alba: Group 4 Proposal

On 27 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent‚Äč teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Rowan Alba. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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South African Open Access and Open Data (An Open Science transition driven by University library repositories) - Daisy Salematsela & Lazarus Matizirofa (Keynotes)

Join our keynotes Daisy Salematsela (Director, WITS Libraries, Johannesburg, South Africa) & Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria) as they give us a survey of the progress being made in…

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General Council HYM February 2023

The General Council statutory HYM at 10.30am on 18 February 2023 in the McEwan Hall Convener of the Business Committee Sir Philip Mawer Secretary of the General Council Dr William Duncan Rector - Ms…

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The LEAPS Student view: choosing university courses (subtitled) - IHE 2022

LEAPS Volunteer, Rosie, speaks about how they chose their university courses.

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The Intersections between DORA, Open Research, and Equity - Stephen Curry

Keynote presentation

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Research Integrity: the view from the Research Office - Alan Campbell

When we talk about research integrity, what we’re talking about are the principles, ideas and behaviours that make up good research practice. It’s about defining what excellence in the…

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Scottish Universities Open Access Press: An Introduction - Dominique Walker

18 academic libraries across Scotland, through SCURL (Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries), are collaborating to develop a not-for-profit open access publishing platform that…

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Research Culture and Open Research - Jane Hillston

In the last few years there has been an increased focus on research culture and the importance of creating a culture that is open and inclusive. This has been highlighted by the UK…

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Open Access, Data Management and Emerging Challenges to International Research - Gavin McLachlan

The University of Edinburgh’s current position regarding Open Access and Data management – including the introduction of our new policies. As well as the University’s general…

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The LEAPS Student view: choosing university courses (subtitled)

Two LEAPS volunteers (Rosie and Frederik) speak with LEAPS staff member Jenny about how they chose their university courses.

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General Council Africa Past, Present, Future

The Africa event following the June 2019 HYM

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