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Embed Media Hopper Create files in discussion forum posts on Learn

How to add an embedded Media Hopper Create file to a discussion forum post on Learn. Applies to staff and students.

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How to upload audio files to Media Hopper Create

Uploading audio files with the purpose of later sharing them with other people

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Embedding Media Hopper Create videos directly in content items on Learn

This video explains what to do if you want to embed on Learn a Media Hopper Create video which doesn't belong to you.

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Exporting video streams from Media Hopper Create and importing into a video editor

This video shows you how to export both video streams from Media Hopper Create (Primary and Secondary), and how to import these into a video editor, for the example in this video we are using…

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Submit MHC Media as Assignment in Learn

Submit a MHC file to Blackboard Learn Assignment Dropbox

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Get the best view of your lectures

Learn about the fantastic features of the Media Hopper video player, which allows you to swap between your tutor's webcam video and their slides with the click of one button. You can also search…

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A workflow with PPT Kaltura and MHC

Workshop demonstrating how to record a PPT presentation (Windows) with Kaltura Capture, and upload to Media Hopper Create, highlighting some of the recommended settings

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Create Media Hopper Create Channel, and attach media

Brief instructions on how to create a Media Hopper Create channel, and attach media to it

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Upload dual video file to Media Hopper Create, and publish

Demonstration of uploading a twin video feed presentation to Media Hopper Create, and then publishing it.

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How to Add University of Edinburgh Graphics to Videos

Whether you are creating online course content or generating your own media projects, you may have the occasion to film and edit remotely using your own equipment. This short video tutorial provides…

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Applying a licence on Media Hopper Create

Short screen capture of applying a copyright or licence statement when uploading content to Media Hopper Create.

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Licensing Options on Media Hopper Create Explained

Short overview of the copyright and licence statements that can be applied to content uploaded onto Media Hopper Create.

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How to load your video presentations into the gallery in learn

How to load your video presentations into the Media Hopper gallery in learn

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