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Introduction to translational research

Pauline Murray (Wellcome Trust Translational Project Manager, Edinburgh Innovations) introduces this modules on translational research. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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HFC Webinar: Exploring the tensions and contradictions of herbicide use

Webinar held 10th March 2021.

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Lab Sustainability Webinar November 2020

Lab Sustainability webinar recording from November 2020. 75 minutes long.

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Lecture 1 - Classes of Chemicals

Lecture 1 - Classes of Chemicals

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Prof Ian Marshall - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Professor Ian Marshall, a medical physicist as he highlights his medical physics-based research - applications of magnetic resonance (MR) in brain imaging, improving technical factors,…

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1.8 - Carbon Overshoot and Carbon Sinks

Mitigating Climate Change - Carbon Capture Storage

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George Serghiou: Engineering of chemicals

In this video, George describes how ambient constraints can be removed to produce targeted materials and material assemblies. Background: The research domain of our work is extreme conditions…

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Urticaria: from nettle stings to autoimmunity (HD)

I describe the basic pathogenesis of urticaria. I show how nettle stings (urtica) produce architecturally similar lesions, and how a variety of factors can activate mast cells, leading to…

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