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2023_01_24_Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier_recording_1

Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier First half of the session

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Transitioning careers - Online Student Interview

Murotiwamambo Mudziviri from Zimbabwe graduated with an online MSc Data Science, Techonology, and Innovation. He talks about how doing an online masters allowed him to do a career transition. Learn…

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2. Defining Qualitative Research

2 - Defining qualitative research Interview with Dr Kate Stephen (SRUC) -2021 Interviewer: Dr Louise Connelly Playlist in the Research Methods and Statistics course (UG and PGT) at the Vet School

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Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Kent Peters

Individual Video - Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Kent Peters - Finalist

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1.1.1 Introduction to Cultural Heritage in the context of climate change

Watch this short video explaining the connection between cultural heritage and climate change by Prof Andrew Dougmore.

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Student Perspective: Optional Courses

Computer Science and Mathematics student, Muminah, tells us about her experience with optional courses. Originally recorded as part of the School of Informatics online offer holder sessions on…

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GI module anatomy and physiology revision

GI anatomy and physiology revision tutorial

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1.3.1 What is Heritage

What is Heritage.

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Introducing the General Engineering (H100) programme

Dr Anthony Callanan, Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, introduces the General Engineering (H100) undergraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh. Find…

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Professor Jamie Pearce gives evidence to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee

Captions are auto-generated An excerpt of evidence provided to the Scottish Parliament Health, Social Care and Sport Committee by SPECTRUM researcher, Professor Jamie Pearce, on the National…

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Data Science MSc

Learn more about the Data Science MSc in this presentation by Dr Paolo Guagliardo, Programme Director, followed by a Q&A session.Originally recorded in November 2021. Slides can be downloaded…

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Representation in Psych 1

First part of first lecture on Representation in Pyschology for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Alex Doumas

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Week 7 Lecture 2 Part 3: Refugees in the digital marketplace: making a livelihood online

Week 7 Lecture 2 Part 3: Refugees in the digital marketplace: making a livelihood online

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Designing Assessments for Hybrid Teaching

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss designing assessments for hybrid teaching. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen Ross, co-director of the…

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Translational research case study CMVM - Sofia

This interview features a real-life account of a researcher’s journey, based here at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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Phrase and Form

Nikki and Tom discuss phrasing and form in music.

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