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NWMPPP-Lecture 1a-Introduction - January 11th 2021, 9:23:26 am

introduction to the Nuclear course and to radioactivity

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Leif Gellersen- Perturbative uncertainties in unitarized NLO merging

REF2020: Armando Bermudez Martinez- Multijet merging with PB TMDs

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Topic 37: Linear Transformations (PETARS, Chapter 5)

Since linear transformations is such an important class of signal processing systems, this video looks at considering linear transformations of random vectors. After discussing various types of…

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Chem1 Spectroscopy Lecture2

Chemistry 1A Spectroscopy Lecture 2: Mainly atomic transitions

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Chem1 Spectroscopy Lecture 1

Chemistry 1A Spectroscopy Lecture 1: Electromagnetic Radiation

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Dr Adriana Tavares - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Adriana Tavares, head of the preclinical PET-CT facility, as she discusses her research into developing new imaging probes - radiotracers - for PET imaging.

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Professor Edwin van Beek - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Professor Edwin van Beek, SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Radiology, as he discusses his research into cardiac (heart) & thoracic (chest) imaging.

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