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Postgraduate Virtual Open Day for 2022 entry - an Introduction to the MSc in The Globalised Muslim World

Join Professor Frédéric Volpi for a virtual introduction to the MSc in The Globalised Muslim World at the University of Edinburgh. This short video is for students hoping to start our…

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Negotiating Boundaries the Three Cs

Mike Jess (Senior Lecturer) introduces the Three Cs of negotiating boundaries. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning programme is designed to give you the skills needed to…

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Activism and the Future of HIV in Scotland

The University of Edinburgh’s Staff Pride Network, Disabled Staff Network and BioQuarter LGBT+ Staff Committee invite you to join our panel discussion on the history of HIV/AIDS activism in…

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International Women's Day 2021: The role of women in AIDS and LGBTQ+ Activism

Hidden heroines: join us as we learn from some truly notable women about their role in HIV and LGBTQ+ Activism The success of the recent Channel 4 series 'It's a Sin' has shone a…

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AIDS Cultural Activism and Speculative Health Promotion

Clip 1: FATHERS 2, A World Without AIDS, Queer Sci-Fi Web Series by Leo Herrera [2:20-5:10] Clip 2: It's A Sin: First look at Russell T Davies' new…

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Gifford Lecture 6: Only Connect

We started this lecture series with two bookended revolutions, print in the sixteenth century, and the internet and social media in the late twentieth century. How then is Christianity changing in…

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6.3 Community

INternet and Society 2021

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Shahed Saleem: 'Can architecture be decolonised?' | ESALA Frictions Public Lecture 2021-22

'Can architecture be decolonised?' Abstract:What does it mean to decolonise architecture, where do we start to understand and undertake this process? In this lecture Shahed Saleem will…

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Futures Thinking (Alba Abad Fernandez)

Alba Abad Fernandez, Research Scientist at the University and Founder and Project Lead of Engage Nepal with Science, talks about her hopes for COP26 and change in the future.

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Gender Sensitive Research - Lessons from GCRF and Beyond

This is a recording of the online event Gender Sensitive Research - Lessons from GCRF and Beyond. Presentations include an introduction to GenderED's toolkit on gender sensitive research from Dr…

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BHoM 2021: Jude Kong (York University, Canada)

This recording is subtitled. You can turn off the subtitles by pressing CC. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence & Big Data techniques to monitor, manage and forecast an epidemic: the case of…

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Introduction to translational research

Pauline Murray (Wellcome Trust Translational Project Manager, Edinburgh Innovations) introduces this modules on translational research. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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My Experience as an Online Student | Student Vlog | The University of Edinburgh

Mopelola is studying for our Master of Public Health (part-time) from her home country of Nigeria. Watch her vlog and find out more about her experience of studying online at The University of…

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What does Community & Belonging Mean for Students?

Dr. Cathy Bovill and Prof. Tina Harrison discuss the different strategies that are available for creating a sense of belonging for large groups of students in a hybrid context. This video was…

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Place and Education

A video discussion between Vel McCune, Beth Christie and Robbie Nicol about place, outdoor learning and education.

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Being Jewish at University

Welcome to the ‘Being at University’ podcast. I’m Harriet Harris, Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh, and in this first series we explore what it is like being people of…

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