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Equality Diversity and Inclusion at The College of Science and Engineering

Head of College Dave Robertson and Dean of Systematic Inclusion Karen Halliday give a brief overview of Equality Diversity and Inclusion at The College of Science and Engineering.

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PoS 1--Week 11 Lecture 1 Part 1

PoS 1--Week 1 Lecture 1 Part 1 What is scientism

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Lecture 3 framing theme 1

Part 1 of third lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22 Mark Sprevak framing Nativism & Empiricism theme

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How to use Listeria (Part 3)

How to use Listeria, part 3 of 5.

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Undergraduate study at the Edinburgh Futures Institute

In this brief video, course organisers introduce you to the pre-Honours elective courses currently on offer at the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

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XAI Lecture Recording - Future Directions (Part 3)

This lecture will discuss the future of XAI.

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Marie Ekstrom EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Marie Ekstrom Talk Title: Capturing elements of weather-related risks in a climate change context Abstract:…

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Nuffield Discussion Event: Calling all scientists - what's it like being you?

This event was part of a nation-wide project to gather views and encourage debate about how the different features of the UK research environment are affecting, both positively and negatively, the…

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4 - Why should I choose this degree?

Information video - MSc Integrated Global Health

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Martin Lee Doctoral Scholarships

Funded PhDs in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: ‚Äč The Martin Lee Doctoral Scholarships are supported by world leading experts and a…

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APMCS lecture 2 part 1

Adv. Phil of Mind and Cog Sci.Lecture 2. part 1. Introduction.

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5th Nov: Part 1: What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM (presentation)

What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM (presentation) 5th November 2020 Dr Udeni Salmon @ujsalmon [email protected] Where are you joining us from? Please share your…

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debrief discussion of Lindley Darden interview

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Virtual Tour | College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Take a virtual tour inside some of our buildings across the campus, from Western General to Easter Bush. Find out where our postgraduate community works and how some of our facilities operate. …

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Darden interview part 1

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Philosophy Representation Lecture - Video 4

Final Thoughts

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