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“Ketamine as an alternative option to ECT: a Trojan horse or a welcome option?”, Professor Rupert McShane

Ketamine has rapid effects in alleviating depression, and can do so in those with depression that has been resistant to other treatments. This much has been known for 20 years. Whilst esketamine…

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PET is Wonderful 2020 - Keynote speaker talk

Keynote speaker talk from PET is Wonderful 2020. Automated caption generation was used for this media. There was no human intervention and the captions will have variable accuracy.

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MS1 2021-22 How does the CNS work - Part 1

The modular hypothesis of brain function

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Pharmacology 3: Parkinson's Disease - Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Pathophysiology - the function of the basal ganglia

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Pharmacology 3: Anxiolytic Drugs - Part 1 Dr Phil Larkman

Symptoms and pathophysiology

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Medical Sciences 1 How does the CNS work? Part 1 Dr Phil Larkman

Modular Hypothesis of Brain Function

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Embodiment in Psychology Part 3


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Public Evening Talk - 23rd January 2019

David Kluth

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