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'The legacy of preterm birth on neurodevelopment and cognition', Professor James Boardman

The first 1000 days after conception are critical for shaping brain health. Adverse events during this time can lead to neurodevelopmental, cognitive, and mental health problems across the life…

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Pharmacology 3: Antidepressant Drugs - Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Theory of Depression

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Pharmacology 3: Anxiolytic Drugs - Part 1 Dr Phil Larkman

Symptoms and pathophysiology

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Let’s Talk: fitness workouts when self-isolating

In this podcast, recorded especially in hybrid times when many students are self-isolating in their halls and flats, and doing their learning digitally, I am joined by international fitness trainer…

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Pituitary cases - Tom Chambers.mp4

MBChB4 Endocrinology and Diabetes module narrated presentation on pituitary cases

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Hyponatraemia - Kathryn Linton


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