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See one, do one, teach one: Teaching Open Research Skills for Data-Driven Innovation in Health and Social Care - Kasia Banas (Speaker)

With Brittany Blankinship, Sophie Marion de Proce, John Wilson As the Data-Driven Innovation Talent Team, we teach data and research skills to undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous…

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From practice to policy: how open research is changing research culture in cultural heritage - Jill Dye, Andrea Cop

The role of the museum (to preserve, interpret and make accessible collections and heritage) means that open access, in the broadest sense, has always been part of our purpose. Organisational…

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Slow but steady: data management training for students a key to research culture change, especially for humanities - Haley Eckel

"In June of 2022, the University of St Andrews implemented a new data management plan (DMP) requirement. Each PhD student would be required to submit a DMP at their first annual review, and…

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Data Dashboards - David Perry

Join David Perry as he highlights the advantages of having access to data insights when conducting large scale citizen science 'direct to public' research projects. Large scale, complex…

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Teaching the best research data management practices to PhD students - Ishwar Kapoor

Join Ishwar Kapoor as he takes us on a tour of his experiences teaching good research data management practices to PhD students, the lessons he's learned, and the strategies he's employed. …

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Making Research FAIR (with PID Centric Workflows) - Xiaoli Chen

Join Xiaoli Chen from Datacite and Vaida Plankyte from Research Space as they introduce us to PID (Persistent Identifiers) Centric Workflows. She explains how in the Implementing FAIR Workflows…

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Combining Open and Financial Data for Targeted Policy Solutions - Mike Spencer

Join Mike Spencer from Smart Data Foundry as he introduces a case study of open data in action.

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Data 4 Climate Action Edinburgh, (Lightning talk) - Pauline Ward

Join Pauline Ward as she discusses open research activity and opportunities opening up, with respect to climate action community groups across Edinburgh. Data 4 Climate Action Edinburgh is a…

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South African Open Access and Open Data (An Open Science transition driven by University library repositories) - Daisy Salematsela & Lazarus Matizirofa (Keynotes)

Join our keynotes Daisy Salematsela (Director, WITS Libraries, Johannesburg, South Africa) & Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria) as they give us a survey of the progress being made in…

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FDM Apache Spark Setup

Please view this video for a run through of the instructions supplied in the repository readme at Creating the environment…

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Archiving Your Research Data Part 1: Long-term Preservation

Research Data Service training: 'Archiving Your Research Data' presented by Sara Thomson on 7 April 2022. Part 1: Long-term Preservation - The Test of Time 1. What is Archiving? 2. Why…

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Archiving Your Research Data Part 2: Practical Data Archiving

Research Data Service training: 'Archiving Your Research Data' presented by Pauline Ward on 7 April 2022. Part 2: Practical data archiving using the services at the University of Edinburgh…

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RESPIRE Showcase: Best of Creating Data Management Capacity

PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Delivered by Tathagata Bhattacharjee, King Edward Memorial Hospital Research Centre Recorded for the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 …

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About the University of Edinburgh Research Data Service

Intro video providing an overview of the Research Data Service. We provide support and tools relating to all aspect of the research data lifecycle.

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Excelling in Excel: Data Organisation

A short series aimed at upskilling distance learning students on how to make the best use of excel. In this lecture I cover Broman & Woo's principles of organising data in spreadsheets. …

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Week 5 Conclusion

The course team provides a summary of the course. If you download and reuse this video please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and include the relevant licence information.

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