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Our Lives with IBD

A short film by Hugo Hemmati about inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), the people affected by them, and the new research that aims to improve these conditions. Created in collaboration with the…

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How is nutritional status assessed?

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 3 Mini-lecture by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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'Harnessing Population-based Data to Understand Mental Health Treatment Effectiveness in Children & Young People’, Dr Sharon Neufeld

There is a paucity of information regarding effectiveness of treatment-as-usual mental health services in children and young people, with uncertainties regarding which individuals improve, and…

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C4. Infectious diseases_pathogenesis, spread & control

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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'Role of Immune System in Depression: from mechanism towards new treatment', Dr Golam Khandaker

Immune system, particularly low-grade systemic inflammation, is implicated in pathogenesis of depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. Inflammation is thought to be a…

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Resilience After Trauma: The Emerging Science of Dose

Scientists now recognize that the impact of trauma is best thought of in terms of dosage, with each subsequent trauma exposure adding to the harm, in part because of the biological impacts of…

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TestEd expert update - 7 June 2022

(Recorded 7 June 2022) Professor Linda Bauld, John Usher Chair of Public Health, shares her insights on the latest developments in Scotland relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This week's video…

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Structure and function of lower urinary tract_2021_Part 3

MBChB year 2 Renal module

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Structure and function of lower urinary tract_2021_Part 2

MBChB year 2 Renal module

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UNCOVER Conference 2021 - Day 1

Day 1 of the UNCOVER Conference 2021. Includes a keynote speech from Dr Gwenetta Curry (Exploring the link between Racial and Ethnic Inequalities and COVID-19) and presentations from UNCOVER…

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Promoting TestEd to our students and staff

A message from Vice-Principal Colm Harmon to new and returning students about the new opportunity to take part in TestEd, a less invasive method of testing for Covid.

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Capillary Blood Glucose

Instruction video on how to take a bedside capillary blood glucose

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EGS - Hungary - P1

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) Dr Boglarka Vincze Subtitles corrected*

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Google COVID

Tutorial for EUDACT

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C4. Infectious diseases: pathogenesis, spread and control (older)

Integrity lecture C4

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Peggy Series: Bayesian Approaches to Understanding Mental Illness

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. A growing idea in computational neuroscience is that perception and cognition can be described in terms of…

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