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Information Services Group Highlights from 2023

This video showcases some of the fantastic work that has been delivered by our wonderful staff throughout 2023.

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Decolonising your dissertation exploring new critical and practical approaches to your library research (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

This session will help you to think about how libraries have historically organised and acquired information and critically apply that knowledge to your information research choices. We’ll also…

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Link Information Pane

OOOOOFT. The big one. Relinking files using your Links and Link Information pane. Checking and amending RGB to CMYK, editing image resolution in Photoshop via Edit With command.

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SIFTing the literature: Critically evaluating the reliability of sources (Dissertation and Thesis Festival Nov 2023)

Ever seen something shared on social media that you think just cannot be true? Or wondered how you can be more critical in the sources of information you use in an assignment? By the end of this…

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Welcome Week Summary 2023

This year's Welcome Week and Start of Term readiness project was one of the most successful to date. This short video summarises Welcome Week in the Mian Library.

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Digital Wellbeing Project - Participant Information Video

Participant Information Video for the Digital Wellbeing Project: Qualitative Interviews.

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Interview with Tina Fernandez, LLM in Information Technology Law graduate

Tina studied for an LLM in Information Technology by online learning at Edinburgh Law School, graduating in 2019. She also won the best dissertation by an online learning student. In this video she…

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UG How the Library can help you Sept 2022

A short video which lists a number of ways the law library team can help students with their studies. This video covers: - Visiting the Law Library - Online resources - Training and advice -…

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LEAPS Academic Resources Lecture 2 (2022)

LEAPS Academic Resources: Finding academic resources (2022)

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LEAPS Academic Resources Lecture 1 (2022)

LEAPS Academic Resources: What is an academic resource? (2022)

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Zebra Crossing Research Study - Participant information sheet - BSL

Accessible Zebra Crossings Invitation to Participate in a Research Study - Stage 1TRANSCRIPTIntroductionYou are invited to take part in first part of this research study. Before you take part, it is…

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Joseph Sheridan asked Audrey Cameron to explain the "Understanding science through sign language" project in BSL. Participant Information SheetPUPILS Understanding Science through Sign…

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Joseph Sheridan asked Audrey Cameron to explain the Pupil's participant consent form in BSL. PARTICIPANT CONSENT FORM Study Title: …Understanding Science through Sign Language…

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[8] PIS-PARENT/GUARDIAN: What are the possible benefits of taking part?

BSL Translation Audrey hopes that it will be a positive experience for your child and an opportunity for them to share their views on using sign language in understanding science. They will be…

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[9] PIS-PARENT Are there any risks to taking part in the study?

BSL Translation No. Your child will be staying in their science classroom for a usual science lesson. Audrey will be sitting in the corner of the classroom and will not interfere with your lesson.

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[10] PIS-PARENT/GUARDIAN: Risks of participation (COVID-19)

BSL Translation We have taken specific steps to minimise the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 during the study by following the most up to date UK Government guidance…

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