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Good foods and bad foods

Food Facts - Module 1 Presentation by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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ESO learning online

Edinburgh Surgery Online graduates explain what it was like to learn online.

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Interview with Fernando Pereira - 60 Years of Computer Science & AI at Edinburgh

Interview with Fernando Pereira - 60 Years of Computer Science & AI at Edinburgh

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Discover Careers - SWAY Presentation

Recording from SWAY regarding study and work away.

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The City | Student Questions and Answers

Hear what our students really think about Edinburgh – answering FAQs from applicants and offer holders. In this video, find out what they love about the city and what is their favourite area of…

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Melissa shares why she decided to apply to study a Postgraduate Online Degree at Edinburgh. This clip is taken from a recording of the live 'Ask our Students and Graduates' panel session…

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SR course 4.4 - What are the results of the review?

SR course

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Wk 4 Prison Writing Archive

Discussion of the Prison Writing Archive and crime careers

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Interview with Tina Fernandez, LLM in Information Technology Law graduate

Tina studied for an LLM in Information Technology by online learning at Edinburgh Law School, graduating in 2019. She also won the best dissertation by an online learning student. In this video she…

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IRR Lecture 5: Writing a Good Research Review

This lecture explains the ways to justify an answer and how to build a scientific argument. This also includes critical questions and tips for writing a successful literature review.

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engage: Engaging students in digital learning environments: cameras on or off?

Celeste McLaughlin, Head of Academic Development for Digital Education, IADThe debate about whether we should have our cameras on or off when we're teaching and learning in digital environments…

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CJS Seminar: Gustavo Fondevila, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, Mexico

The Crime Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Violent Women. Female incarceration and drug markets in Latin American Prisons Professor Gustavo Fondevila, División de…

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DENS - Screening Log

Training video for DENS Trial database

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Writing Philosophy 3

Writing Philosophy

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Year 1, Week 4 Group Meeting (13 October 2021)

Year group meeting for 1st year HCA students, Semester 1, Week 4 facilitated by Dr Alasdair Raffe (Deputy Undergraduate Director) and Lyn Kane (Careers Service)

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