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AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University - Part 1: AI & Storytelling

AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University, January 29th 2024 - Part 1: AI & Storytelling

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Preflight panel

Using the Preflight panel in Indesign

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Outlining text

A quick demo on outlining text to graphic InDesign

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Link Information Pane

OOOOOFT. The big one. Relinking files using your Links and Link Information pane. Checking and amending RGB to CMYK, editing image resolution in Photoshop via Edit With command.

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Preparing for Print: Document checks

Bleed, page count and page size - document set up and checks

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CMYK for print

Colour management in InDesign

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Improving documentation with photoshop 2023

Improving digital documentation Images Adjustments RAW Filter Removing distracting elements Placing your work within a virtual Space Mock Up installations Mask, Perspective PDF Submissions

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Risograph printing at ECA ( an introduction)

This is a short film introducing the Risograph printing facilities available at Edinburgh College of Art. The Risographs are located in room B22 and workshop N1 within Edinburgh College of Art. An…

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Data is Beautiful

This event, held on 25th February 2021, focuses on how data, and the stories that they tell, can be visualised in many surprising ways. They can take us beyond bar charts and graphs to new creative…

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Making Public Art Public

The University's Public Art Officer Liv Laumenech talks about an exciting Innovation Project Making Public Art Public.

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