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Link Information Pane

OOOOOFT. The big one. Relinking files using your Links and Link Information pane. Checking and amending RGB to CMYK, editing image resolution in Photoshop via Edit With command.

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Data Dashboards - David Perry

Join David Perry as he highlights the advantages of having access to data insights when conducting large scale citizen science 'direct to public' research projects. Large scale, complex…

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Vaccine Breakthrough Project: How have these results been used in real life?

What actually happens once a research paper has been published? In this soundbite, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) volunteer Lynn Laidshaw asks Vaccine Breakthrough Project's Principal…

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Vaccine Breakthroughs Project: A PPI Perspective

Why is the work done by the Vaccine Breakthrough Project important? In this soundbite, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) volunteer Deb Smith tells us a little bit about why she believes the…

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Su May Liew

PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Presentation title: Developing Patient and Public Involvement in Research in Malaysia As part of the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020,…

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Factors Impacting Trial Participation in People with MND (FIT-Participation-MND)

Emily Beswick describes theFIT-Participation-MND study. The purpose of this study is to improve our understanding of why people with a diagnosis of MND choose to participate, or not participate, in…

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2018-03-08 RESPIRE PPI Webinar

Patient and Public Involvement webinar, held on 08 March 2018 in Edinburgh

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