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Blogging: adding a new post

A short video on adding new posts to blogs for the Foundations for All programme running in Uganda in 2021.

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Making the most of IT 2021

This video introduces new students to the main IT (information technology) and learning technology services at the university. Find out how to: Activate your email account and register for…

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Workshop: Disinformation - Mapping the Lifecycle of Media Maniuplation

In this session, Dr. Joan Donovan demonstrates a case study approach to mapping the life cycle of media manipulation campaigns. This method seeks to analyze the order, scale and scope of manipulation…

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Hybrid teaching test - mock classroom #1 and group interactions

This is a MS Teams recording of a hybrid teaching session, including: - presentation slides - interaction between teacher and the students in the classroom - interaction between the primary classroom…

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Home Studio Kit: 'How to' use adapters

This short video shows you how to use the adapters that come in your Home Studio Kit. For more information on the Home Studio Kits, please view the other video tutorials in our Home Studio Kit…

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Let’s Talk: fitness workouts when self-isolating

In this podcast, recorded especially in hybrid times when many students are self-isolating in their halls and flats, and doing their learning digitally, I am joined by international fitness trainer…

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Defining Promotion

This video is featured on the short online course Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Moray House Online Conversations - Lynne Wilson, Hong Kong

Staff from the Data Education in Schools team in Moray House College of Education and Sport, continue their series of interviewing colleagues from across the world on their response to Covid-19. This…

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A Student Borrowing a Laptop

Main Library, GFloor

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A Student Borrowing a Laptop Part 2

Main Library, GFloor

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Festival of Creative Learning 2018

This film celebrates the creativity, inspiration, experimentation, collaboration and learning that took place during the Festival of Creative Learning, 19-23 February 2018. Film by Archie Crofton…

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