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HCA Learning Technology: Introduction to Camtasia (2022-23)

Introduction and refresher training for Camtasia for staff creating online MSc video content in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.This training will cover:- Best practice for making…

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Introduction to Adobe Premiere

• Workspaces, projects, functions and layout• Video editing with Premiere Pro.• Audio editing within Premiere Pro.• Image quality and rendering • Work-flow and being…

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Introduction to Sound Recording & Postproduction

Introduction to Sound - Sound Basics - Field recordings - Equipment (Microphones, sound recorders) - Setting up - Editing basics (Audacity)

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Research Insights | Science after Dolly: gene editing and ethics

Twenty-five years ago, scientists cloned a sheep and called it Dolly. In this Research Insights event, we were joined by Dr Christine Tait-Burkard and Dr Sarah Chan to discuss how science has…

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Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh

An introduction to Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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HCA Learning Technology: Basic video editing

A recording of a training session about basic video editing using the software Shotcut (July 2021)

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How to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut

A very simple explanation of how to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut - a free video editing tool. DIY FILM SCHOOL:…

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Postproduction Introduction

Introduction to Postproduction facilities, presented by Eiko Emersleben.

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How to edit Wikipedia - a 1 hour tutorial

Editing Wikipedia has never been easier using the new Visual Editor interface which makes editing Wikipedia as easy as using Microsoft Word or Wordpress blogs. This 1 hour workshop is aimed…

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Teaching with Wikipedia - a practical 'how to' guide.

This online session is for any course leaders interested in learning more about Wikipedia Education assignments. The workshop showcases best practice derived from working with over a dozen course…

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How to move your drafted article into the Wikipedia live space.

Once you feel your article is ready, you can move it into Wikipedia's live space! Please note: there is a restriction on new user accounts whereby new users are not permitted to publish to…

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How to create a new Wikipedia article.

When making your own article you should aim for at least 100 words with three citations. You should draft your article in your sandbox. Tip: use an exemplar page as your guideline.

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How to add a heading for references.

A brief video on how to adding a heading for your references section on you Wikipedia article.

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How to format your Wikipedia article - adding bolds, headings, links and italics.

A video tutorial explaining how to use some of the basic formatting tools using the Visual Editor on Wikipedia.

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Continuity Editing

Video to accompany - A document file that lists camera shots. Each shot will focus on the practical elements of creating the shot but also the concepts that expand ways in which they are used. Each…

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Learn Discussion Boards - navigating and posting

How to move around and contribute to discussion boards in Learn

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