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Dr Christopher Barrie (Sociology) Kingdom of Trolls? Influence Operations in the Saudi Twittersphere

Week 11: Researching and confronting Misinformation in non-western contextsControversies in the Data Society 2022

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Aybuke Atalay - Covid-19 Vaccine Perception and Misinformation in the Turkish Twittersphere

Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira - Disinformation, hybrid systems and the 2018 election in Brazil

Controversies in the Data Society

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LAGOON: Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline - Pavel Safronov

Euler structures and noncommutative volume formsCalabi-Yau structures on dg categories provide a noncommutative analog of symplectic structures. In this talk I will introduce a noncommutative analog…

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LAGOON: Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

Subtitles will be added soon. Thursday 25 November 2021 Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia) A topological characterization of the Kashiwara-Vergne groups

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Climate Impacts on Human Systems

Nishtha Singh explains how climate change impacts a variety of human systems. For example, infrastructure, global financial systems, safety and health.

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LAGOON: Bruno Vallette (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France)

Subtitles will be added soon. 11 November 2021 Bruno Vallette (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France): Deformation theory of Cohomological Field Theories

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CogSci lecture 1 part 2

Second part of first lecture for the course Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Alex Doumas

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Spelling Correction and Edit Distance

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Trailer Socials

Sub 1 min version for socials

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Nehali Mhatre EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Nehali Mhatre Talk Title: Transformed-Linear Models for Time Series Extremes Abstract: In order to capture…

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LAGOON: Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline: Alexandra Zvonareva (Stuttgart, German)

Subtitles will appear soon. 11 March Alexandra Zvonareva (Stuttgart, German) - Derived equivalence classification of Brauer graph algebras

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CL - 14d - Regular Languages (II)

We give a second definition of regular language as the languages generated from the empty and singleton languages by the operations of, concatenation, alternation, and iteration.

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CL - 11a - Expressions

This video introduces the idea that expressions are things we can study.We look first at evaluating algebraic expressions by substituting values for variables, and then do the same for Boolean…

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CL - 9a - Recap

This video is a brief recap of most of the logic we have covered so far. You may find it useful, to jog your memory and check your understanding.

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CL - 7h - Some Haskell remarks

In this video we give an example showing how Haskell's types can help us to avoid confusions.We then discuss the types of the Boolean operations lifted to predicates, and show how…

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