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Alexa Privacy Settings (Part 6): Does my data have to be used for training Alexa?

Alexa Privacy Settings: Does my data have to be used for training Alexa?

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CIO update 21st January 2022

CIO update 21st January 2022

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How to make an account on Wikisource

A video explaining how to create an account on Wikisource, the free online digital library managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikisource Main Page: Wikisource, the free library

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This video is featured on the short online course Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Contact Management

How to create and manage contacts in Dynamics.

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Lecture 4 Part 2: Systems of equations

In this lecture we look at how the numerical methods can be extended to deal with systems of equations.

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Apple - Sharing things: how to listen

This video demonstrates how to download an app and subscribe to the Sharing things podcast if you are an Apple iPhone user.

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