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Alumni Perspectives - Jacquelyn MacLennan

Jacquelyn MacLennan (LLB, 1983 & PGD, 1984) was a Partner at White & Case, one of the world's leading global law firm of more than 2,500 lawyers worldwide. Jacquelyn focused in…

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SIMposium Ryan Bridges keynote

SIMposium Ryan Bridges keynote

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Higgs school 2024 - Iñaki García-Etxebarria, Lecture 1 (Part 1 of 2)

Date: 27/05/2024

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Week 7 - Video 1

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Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.2 Creating a Xerte Project and overview of access levels

Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.2 Creating a Xerte Project and overview of access levels

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Qualitative data part 3

Qualitative data part 3

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Inaugural Lecture of Prof Pankaj Pankaj, Chair of Computational Biomechanics

The principle of parsimony in computational biomechanics Computational modelling is being extensively employed to assess the biomechanical properties and response of bone and bone-implant systems.…

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Using Legal Databases Sept 2023

Introductory session on how to use legal databases (Westlaw, Lexis+ and HeinOnline). By the end of this session, you should be able to: select the appropriate database for your needs, and recognise…

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Exercise sheet ODE 1: Question 1 worked example

Worked solution for Question 1 from Exercise sheet ODE 1 from EM2A

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Student Adviser Training - Study and Work Away Service (SWAY)

SA SWAY training

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Mason Institute Investigates Season 2 Episode 4: Under Pressure: Impact of COVID-19 ‘easements’ on adult social care provision

Welcome back for another episode of the Mason Institute Investigates podcast. In this episode Professor Jean McHale from Birmingham Law School and Director of the Centre of Health Law, Science and…

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Data for farm vets

by Prof Alastair Macrae | Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh from 'The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice' Timestamps: 0:10 - Introduction…

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Professor Rachel Dunscombe - AI in Health and Care (Week 10)

Professor Rachel Dunscombe - AI in Health and Care (Week 10)

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Alexa Privacy Settings (Part 7): What about the Alexa Skills?

Alexa Privacy Settings: What about the Alexa Skills?

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Epi course 1.4 - History - Origins of modern

epi course

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MCF Podcasts: New Academic Experiences and Setting Priorities

In this podcast, we discuss the shocks and challenges we faced in adjusting to the new academic systems (grading and workload) and how we changed our approaches to learning. We also share the…

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