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SSH-ing into an EIDF VM: Episode 4

Episode 4 in the Edinburgh International Data Facility video tutorial series on how to set up an SSH connection to an EIDF-hosted VM. This episode covers how to register a multi-factor authenticator…

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Staff Directory and Delve

Updating your Microsoft 365 profile in Delve and using the College Office Staff Directory.

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Leading Digital Transformation live session - Chal Chute, Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

Chal Chute - Live session ,Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

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What does "data" mean to you?

for 'The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice' Course Course website:

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How to... Prepare for Welcome Week (UG/PGT/PGR)

We understand that there is a lot to think about when preparing for University. You may also be wondering what Welcome Week is all about and what you are expected to do within this time. This…

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Making the most of IT Presentation ** - July 2023

This video introduces new students to the main IT (information technology) and learning technology services at the university. Find out how to: Activate your email account and register for…

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Data collection with iLivestock (Case Study)

Data collection video by iLivestock Course website:

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SACHA '23 - Waverley Care: Group 1 Proposal

On 26 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent‚Äč teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Waverley Care. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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Healthy Heifer: A precision solution for dairy farmers

Strong and healthy replacement heifers are crucial to the longevity and productivity of a milking herd. Supporting timely, informed and accurate interventions, the Healthy Heifer project seeks to…

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Data and AI ethics

Data and AI ethics is a one-hour webinar designed to introduce staff and students to the basic concepts.Using five genuine and timely data and AI case-studies, the three main philosophical…

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Platform Monopolisation: Inside the Permissive Mobile Ecosystem

Dr. Jennifer Pybus - Platform Monopolisation: Inside the Permissive Mobile Ecosystem Abstract This talk draws on AHRC funded research that has investigated how Facebook and Google have expanded their…

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Dr Kami Vaniea - Developer Centred Privacy and Security

Controversies 2022

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XAI Lecture Recording - SHAP (Part 3)

This lecture will provide an overview of one of the most popular XAI techniques - SHAP.

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PPLS Learning Technology Blog: Input Methods for Microsoft Whiteboard

Input Methods for MS Whiteboard. See this video on the PPLS Learning Technology Blog.

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Registration - Cool Farm Tool

This video is from the Cool Farm Toool

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TLTYL Week 5 Digital literacies - Lecture

TLTYL Week 5 Digital literacies - Lecture

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