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Farmer Spotlight: Sean and Chloe Barker

An interview with Sean and Chloe Barker about data in farming Course website:

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Elise Gallois - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

Elise Gallois - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

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HealthyR demo: geom_bar() vs geom_col()

Data and code at:

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Race vs. The Human – 9 February 2022

9 February 2022 Speaker: Dr Deanne Bell, Nottingham Trent University Co-Chaired by: Dr Katucha Bento and Dr rashné limke, University of Edinburgh In coloniality, there is a need to conflate…

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Davide Faranda II

Mathematics of the Climate Crisis: Extremes and Tipping Points Davide Faranda, LSCE, CNRS, IPSL, CEA Saclay, University Paris-Saclay, UVSQThursday 4 November This recording is subtitled. You can turn…

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Jana Ulrich EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Jana Ulrich Talk Title: Modeling seasonal variations of extreme rainfall on different time scales in Germany…

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FP - Lecture 8 - Algebraic Data Types

This is the video for the FP lecture on Algebraic Data Types.

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