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Elise Gallois - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

Elise Gallois - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

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Adaptation CoP_ September 2022

Adaptation CoP meeting recording: Guest speaker, Esti Anantasari from University of Gadja Mada in Indonesia talking about traditional knowledge and beliefs in relation to climate change adaptation…

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Introduction to Software Development in Health and Social Care

This course provides an introduction to software development in the health, social and care services context. The course will provide students hands-on practical experience of programming in Python,…

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Asymptotic Statistics for Extremes: Axel Bücher

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Axel Bücher Talk Title: On the Disjoint and Sliding Block Maxima method for…

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IDS - Week 10 - 03 - AE - The Office, Part 1

Predicting IMDB ratings of The Office episodes. Part 1 of 2: Data preparation and feature engineering.

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IDS - Week 10 - 02 - Cross validation

Cross validation for evaluating model performance and RMSE

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1a Introduction and Parasitic Fungi

The Green Planet field course

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Sheep - Breeding Rams

You can access the full suite of videos and other resources from Subtitles Checked - Aug 2020

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