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Adaptation CoP_ September 2022

Adaptation CoP meeting recording: Guest speaker, Esti Anantasari from University of Gadja Mada in Indonesia talking about traditional knowledge and beliefs in relation to climate change adaptation…

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Pawel Orzechowski - Intro to the Programming and Software Development Courses

My name is Pawel Orzechowski and in this video I talk about the five principles of my coding courses: 1. Programming is a storytelling exercise. 2. Programming is social. 3. Programming is a craft,…

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Asymptotic Statistics for Extremes: Axel Bücher

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Axel Bücher Talk Title: On the Disjoint and Sliding Block Maxima method for…

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IDS - Week 10 - 03 - AE - The Office, Part 1

Predicting IMDB ratings of The Office episodes. Part 1 of 2: Data preparation and feature engineering.

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IDS - Week 10 - 02 - Cross validation

Cross validation for evaluating model performance and RMSE

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1a Introduction and Parasitic Fungi

The Green Planet field course

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Sheep - Breeding Rams

You can access the full suite of videos and other resources from Subtitles Checked - Aug 2020

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