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Livestock evidence synthesis and AI

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 3 Mini-lecture by Louise Donnison for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork

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MLP 23-24 Week 10 Live Session - From AI to RLHF

Machine Learning Practical 2023-24 Live Lecture session for Week 10 of Semester 1. From Artificial Intelligence to Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

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AI and assistive technologies for the visually impaired

How might AI and smartphones change blind and partially sighted peoples’ lives? And how might blind and partially sighted people change AI and smartphones. Apps such as Microsoft’s…

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Introduction to the course

In this recording, we introduce ourselves and talk through how we came to this topic and why it is important to us – what the stakes are.

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Week 4: Redefining the Human

Jeremy Knox discuss week 4 of the course - redefining the human in the digital age. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and include the…

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Week 3: Reasserting the Human

Dr Christine Sinclair discusses week 3 of the course - focusing on the philosopher David Hume. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and…

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Race vs. The Human – 9 February 2022

9 February 2022 Speaker: Dr Deanne Bell, Nottingham Trent University Co-Chaired by: Dr Katucha Bento and Dr rashné limke, University of Edinburgh In coloniality, there is a need to conflate…

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Reimagining Waste Landscapes Seminar Series #3: Cal Flyn - LIFE IN THE POST HUMAN LANDSCAPE

Author Cal Flyn talks about the ecology and psychology of abandoned places, as explored in her new book Islands of Abandonment, which was shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize and the Wainwright…

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Climate Impacts on Human Systems

Nishtha Singh explains how climate change impacts a variety of human systems. For example, infrastructure, global financial systems, safety and health.

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Aristotle Lecture 6.1


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From website management to student-centred digital services

Presentation created by Neil Allison and Lauren Tormey for the Content Ed 2021 online conference. Content Ed is "an annual international conference for communicators, content strategists and…

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Plato Lecture 8.2


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Decolonising the Curriculum: The Podcast Series - Dr. Rashné Limki in conversation with Prof. Rowena Arshad

Welcome to this podcast series produced by The Race Equality and Anti-Racist Sub-Committee (REAR) at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Teaching Matters where we hear from different…

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How to use Listeria (Part 4)

How to use Listeria, part 4 of 5.

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The experiences of WikiGap and WikiForHumanRights. Working with UN experts on topics for impact

SpeakersInterviewers:Alex Stinson John Cummings Eric Luth Interviewees:Ruben Brouwer, Human Rights Officer at United Nations Human Rights Suzanne Lapstun, Editorial Manager of Publications, FAO…

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GeoSciences - Human Geography Course Options in 2021

This video provides an introduction to 3 Human Geography courses that are available to students across the university as outside courses. Human Geography - first year course…

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