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HealthyR Demo: Data Cleaning 2

Data and code at:

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Live Session - Formative feedback and Assignment Q&A

Live Session - Formative feedback and Assignment Q&A Pain - A Multidimensional Phenomenon

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Data Tutorial: Assessing the influence of different variables on performance and health

by Cynthia Naydani | The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice Timestamps: 0:07 - Recap and introduction 0:33 - Explaining dataset 2:16 - How we use Pivot Tables 2:49…

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HealthyR demo: geom_bar() vs geom_col()

Data and code at:

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Computational Interlude - Week 8 - Jia Loy - part 2_3

2nd part of Computational Interlude 2 for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Jia Loy

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Dots and Ties

Nikki and Tom discuss dots and ties in musical notation.

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Counting with Subdivisions

Nikki and Tom discuss examples of subdividing the beat into triplets and quintuplets.

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Rudiments of Duration Notation

Nikki explains notation duration and shows you some examples using classical and popular music examples.

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Trompe Dauphine

Fergus Kerr plays Marc-Antoine Marquis de Dampierre, La Dauphine; Marc-Antoine Marquis de Dampierr, La Choisy; and Eugène Bozza, Excerpt from En Forêt.

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Language Models: Smoothing

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Excel sheet step 1 190121

Step 1 of the ABC for LD process using the PPLS toolkit

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CL - 9e - DPLL IV

We continue with the simple example and its representation in Haskell.

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IDS - Week 05 - 05 - Simpson's paradox

Working through Simpson's paradox with a case study

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IDS - Week 03 - 04 - Working with a single data frame

We have a single data frame and we want to slice it, and dice it, and juice it, and process it using dplyr functions

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FP - Lecture 2 - List Comprehensions

This is the second FP Lecture video, covering Lists and Comprehensions.

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Word Count tool - counting the prose text in a Wikipedia article

This script, developed by Dr. Alex Chow at the School of Divinity, adds a Word count to the list of tools normally found on the left of the Wikipedia screen. The script produces an output of the word…

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