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(Part 2) Origins of Agriculture: The spread of farming into Europe

Video by Dr Beatrijs De Groot for 'The Origins of Agriculture: Reconsidering the Neolithic'

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1) - Week 4 - Searching for Scientific Literature

Please note: captions are autogenerated. Please note: This was an experimental way of filming materials - if you don't like it I can re-record :) In this short session, Jill will go over the…

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Food and Society in Early Modern Europe: Week 2 pt 2

Food and Society in Early Modern Europe : Farming and Supply

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Interview with Mr Sangha

Dr Fiona Borthwick talks to Indian potato farmer, Mr Sangha, about his experiences of farming practice.

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Interview with Kate Rowell

Dr Fiona Borthwick speaks to Scottish beef farmer, Kate Rowell about sustainable global food systems.

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3Rs Animal Welfare Day - Belinda Vigors (SRUC) .

3Rs Animal Welfare Day - Belinda Vigors (SRUC) . What are the positives? Exploring farmers' perspectives of positive animal welfare. Powerpoints

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Professor Geoff Simm: Inaugural lecture: Thought for Food - Food for Thought?

Inaugural lecture by Professor Geoff Simm, Professor of Global Agriculture and Food SecurityRecorded 3/12/2018 at the Roslin Auditorium. Abstract:Feeding the world's growing population well -…

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The TROPOS Project

Researchers at the Institute for Energy Systems in the School of Engineering have participated in the TROPOS project, a European collaborative project funded by the European Commission. The key…

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