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Data Skills: Types of Data

This lecture was created for the R(D)SVS generic Research Skills and Methods course, but it is a creative commons licensed lecture and anyone can use it. Learning Outcomes By the end of this lecture…

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Mauricio Romo - Some instances of noncommutative resolutions in GLSMs

Periods in Mirror Symmetry

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Volumes of Moduli Spaces of Flat Bundles over Surfaces and the Verlinde Formula - Arzu Boysal

Bundles and Conformal Blocks with a Twist Volumes of Moduli Spaces of Flat Bundles over Surfaces and the Verlinde Formula Arzu Boysal (Bogazici University) 17 June, 2022

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Music Theory in Critical and Global Context

To set the scene, Nikki Moran (course lead) offers some context for your study of music theory by sharing ideas about how this course fits into the bigger landscape of music study.

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Metre and Time Signatures

Nikki and Tom discuss the meaning of metre in music, and look at different time signatures in musical notation.

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Dots and Ties

Nikki and Tom discuss dots and ties in musical notation.

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Notating Rhythm

Nikki Moran and Tom Butler discuss music notation. Try following along with the example. Pause the video as needed, and notate the rhythm yourself as we go along.

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Musical Time: Some Concepts

Nikki and Tom explain five key musical concepts: beat/pulse, tempo, metre, bar, grouping.

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Rudiments of Duration Notation

Nikki explains notation duration and shows you some examples using classical and popular music examples.

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Isomorphism Problem for Even Artin Groups - Luis Paris

Perspectives on Artin Groups Workshop (24 - 27 May 2021) Luis Paris, University of Bourgogne - Isomorphism Problem for Even Artin Groups 25 May 2021 This recording is subtitled. If you wish to…

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Victor Elvira: Graph discovery and Bayesian filtering in state-space models

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Modeling and inference in multivariate time series is central in statistics, signal processing, and machine…

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Fundamentals of Music Theory

Our free short online course Fundamentals of Music Theory will introduce you to the theory of music, providing you with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation, as well as to…

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FDS-S1-11-1-1 Introduction to estimation

We'll introduce the concept of estimating a population or distribution parameter from a sample.

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Topic 15: Definition of Signals (SNADA, Chapter 5)

This topic introduces the mathematical definitions of signals, and terminology used to describe signals, for example multi-dimensional and multi-channel signals. The topic discusses a variety of…

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CL - 9a - Recap

This video is a brief recap of most of the logic we have covered so far. You may find it useful, to jog your memory and check your understanding.

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CL - 5x - Supplementary on Sequents

This video includes a couple of points from a 2019 review lecture on Sequents.First we discuss how to use reduction to find an inhabited model in which Γ ⊨ Δ, which is equivalent to…

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