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AI & Pastoral Care for Christian Churches - 'Artificial Compassion / Delegated Compassion: A Highway to Hell or Heaven?'

As part of the AI & Pastoral Care for Christian Churches conference, Dr Eric Stoddart (Lecturer in Practical Theology, University of St Andrews) delivers a talk titled 'Artificial Compassion…

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Bálint Tóth

Oliver Penrose - a symposium in celebration of his work and achievements In honour of Professor Oliver Penrose, this symposium will celebrate his honourary degree, awarded by Heriot-Watt University,…

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Hannes Uecker, Oldenburg University

This recording is in the process of being subtitled. We aim to have edited captions available within 2 weeks of publishing.Title: Optimal spatial patterns in feeding, fishing, and pollutionAbstract:…

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Andy STROMINGER 'Black Holes: Critical Behavior in the Sky'

Andy Strominger (Harvard) The last decade has witnessed dramatic progress in observational black hole astronomy. At the same time, exciting new insights - but not a solution - have emerged…

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Yuwei Wang - Student Talks

30 Aug- 03 Sept 2021 ICMS hosted the European Summer School in Financial Mathematics 14th EdiitionPredictable Forward Performance Processes: Infrequent Evaluation and Robo-Advising…

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Extremes of Stochastic Processes: Konrad Krystecki

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Konrad Krystecki Talk Title: Two-dimensional ruin for Brownian motions with drift…

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Krzysztof Debicki EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Krzysztof Debicki Talk Title: Extremes of Vector-Valued Gaussian Processes Abstract: We develop the uniform…

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 2

Part 2 Fine Tuning Lecture: The Fine Tuning Argument

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Soil properties practical


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Markov Decision Processes: Computing Optimal Policies

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