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Rome Caput Mundi. Introductory video

Short course on "Rome 'Caput Mundi': Curia, Cardinals and Courtesans from 1300 to 1590" (2022-2023)[LLL1]…

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The edicts of the praetors law, politics and revolution in ancient Rome - Lisa Pilar Eberle

The University of St Andrews Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research and the Edinburgh Roman Law Group present a joint seminar on 'The edicts of the praetors: law, politics and revolution…

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Prof. Andrew Erskine - Roman Power, Greek Reaction

Andrew Erskine, Professor of Ancient History, delivered his inaugural lecture entitled "Roman power, Greek reaction". At the beginning of second century BC, Rome announced that it had…

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Republicanism in mid-sixteenth century Italy by Dr. Lucinda Byatt

Republicanism in mid-sixteenth century Italy: Florentine exiles, Brutus and (a little) Dante Dr Lucinda Byatt discusses a literary dialogue set in Rome in the 1540s highlights the significance of…

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Bonnie Prince Charlie & the Jacobites - Gifts for a Prince

Gifts for a prince What are these objects? Two of the most highly prized objects from the collections of National Museums Scotland – a broadsword and targe (shield), gifted to Prince…

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Prof Walter Scheidel - Slavery and Forced Labor in Early China and the Roman World (3 June 2013)

A recording of a lecture given on Monday 3 June 2013 in the Teviot Lecture Theatre of the Old Medical School. In an abstract from a recent paper on a similar theme, Professor Scheidel said:“The…

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Evaluating Classification and Regression

Evaluating Classification and Regression

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