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(PG) How to find academic literature

"By the end of this session, you should be able to explore and use key library resources to research a topic for an essay or reportYou should be able to:Take the first steps to plan and…

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XAI Lecture Recording - Framework for XAI (Part 1)

This lecture will cover several frameworks outlining differences between transparent and opaque ML models, different XAI techniques, and types of explanations.

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Book Launch: Ecumenism and Independency in World Christianity

This was an online book launch for the volume edited by Alexander Chow and Emma Wild-Wood, entitled “Ecumenism and Independency in World Christianity: Historical Studies in Honour of Brian…

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How to manage your course reading (in 2021/22)

This guide is for Course Organisers and has been updated in response to Covid-19 and the move to hybrid and online teaching. It will show you: How to tag your items so the Library…

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How to Read a Novel Trailer

What makes a great novel? How is a novel woven together? How can we best appreciate works of fiction? Answer these questions and more with this free short online course from The University of…

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Animal Behaviour & Welfare course trailer

Learn about the history and concepts of animal welfare, how it can be assessed and measured, and finish with a practical animal welfare module for companion animals, with our short online course. …

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What is a Systematic Review dissertation like? (Dissertation Festival)

This presentation covered: what a systematic review (SR) is pros and cons of doing a SR for your dissertation summary of common questions or problems encountered in SR dissertations, and…

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Lecture 4 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - February 5th 2021, 9:17:21 pm

Lecture 4 part 1

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Final Year Thesis Writing 1

I am looking forward to giving the first session this semester on thesis writing. This session is being given to all BSc and MChem students as the thesis components are near identical (noting some…

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Lecture for Language Variation and Change to accompany Keisling (2011), Chapter 4, Interspeaker Variation

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Book Symposium: Intersections of Law and Culture at the International Criminal Court

The Global Justice Academy and the Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law present Book Symposium: Intersections of Law and Culture at the International Criminal Court Dr Julie…

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Topic 65: Time Averages and Ergodicity (PETARS, Chapter 8)

This Topic introduces the notion of estimating statistical averages from a single realisation of a stochastic process. This concept is most easily developed for estimating first and second moments…

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PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: ROY, Sudipto Presentation title: Care-seeking practices of and barriers to care-seeking for pneumonia in children aged less…

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Using SAGE Research Methods for Social Science Research (Dissertation Festival - October 2020)

An introduction to the SAGE Research Methods database, presented online (Thursday 29th October 2020) by Chloe Turner, SAGE Library Trainer, during the Library's Dissertation Festival 2020.

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IDS - Week 07 - 01 - Keeping up with IDS

Keeping up with IDS - Week 07

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