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Week 7 - Video 1

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Week 2 - Before Rome

Week 2: Very broad backdround

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Week 1 Video 2 (Databases)

Week 1, Video 2

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Why study Classics?

Classics is a multidisciplinary subject, including all aspects of the Greek and Roman civilisations: language, literature and thought; political, social, economic and cultural history; art history…

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Sophie - Graduate in Theology, School of Divinity. Part 2

In this clip Sophie talks about her time at New College, what she learnt here and her year abroad

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A Global History of Mathematics: An Urgent Human Concern - Alexander Jones

Did the Greeks know that Babylonian astral science was Babylonian? Alexander Jones Institute for the Study of The Ancient World, New York University

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'The Greek language and Greek identities: c. 1500 BCE to 2021 CE' A.G. Leventis Inaugural Lecture 2021

A. G. Leventis Inaugural Lecture, 22 September 2021 The inaugural lecture of Professor Roderick Beaton's Leventis Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh will be, 'The Greek…

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Welcome week: Welcome from Classics

School of History, Classics and Archaeology Introduction to Classics by Dr Lucy Grig

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Introduction to MSc Study in Edinburgh: Classics

Welcome Week induction event for MSc Classics programmes10-11am, 13 September 2021Dr Kimberley Czajwkowski (Classics Graduate Officer) Dr Aaron PelttariDr Yannis Stouraitis

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Classics course options 2021

Information about the first-year Classics courses available to outside students

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CL - Lecture 3b - Particular Propositions

You have already met Aristotle's universal propositions, universal assertion, "every a is b", and universal denial, "no a is b". The negations of these are his particular…

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HCA - Classics option courses 2020

Listen to Head of Classics Dr Lucy Grig as she introduces you to the Classics options courses available in 2020. Greek World 1a - semester 1 - contact Dr David Lewis for more information -…

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Divinity - Biblical Studies courses

Our two partner courses Prophets and their Oracles (BIST08019) and Paul and His Letters (BIST08022) offer an introduction to Biblical Studies, and you can also learn Hebrew (BIST08013) or Greek…

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Professor David Tandy: 'Slavery, honour and ideology in Homer'

Professor David Tandy (Leeds) explores the dynamics of slavery and honour in Homer, and how the realities of production in early Greece interlocked with ideas about honour and social interaction.…

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Dr David Doddington (Cardiff University); 'The best man whipped and the other one took it': violence, honour, and solidarity in US slave communities

Public Lecture by Dr David Doddington (Cardiff University) Meadows Lecture Theatre, 10 May 2019, 17:15-18:30 'The best man whipped and the other one took it': violence, honour, and…

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Prof. Andrew Erskine - Roman Power, Greek Reaction

Andrew Erskine, Professor of Ancient History, delivered his inaugural lecture entitled "Roman power, Greek reaction". At the beginning of second century BC, Rome announced that it had…

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