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Week 1 Video 2 (Databases)

Week 1, Video 2

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Book Launch: Andrew Walls’s The Missionary Movement from the West

On November 29, 2023, the Centre held a book launch for Andrew Walls’s posthumously authored book, The Missionary Movement from the West, published in 2023 through Eerdmans. Panelists included…

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Making plots for the weathering practical

how to use the insert chart function in excel to make simple plots with error bars to show your data

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Exercise sheet Fourier series 1: Question 1a worked example

Worked example showing the calculation of the Fourier series of a periodic function

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Data Tutorial: Creating line graphs to monitor changes over time

by Cynthia Naydani | The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice Timestamps: 0:00 - Recap 0:23 - Why we visualise data 0:39 - Creating a simple line graph in Excel 2:13 -…

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Poster Introduction to the 4273pi Project @ ISMB2023

A brief video presenting a snapshot of the 4273pi project as it was in July 2023.

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LSS_2023_Brett Milligan_David Skinner Memorial Lecture

Brett Milligan is professor of landscape architecture at the University of California, Davis, where he directs the Metamorphic Landscapes Lab. He is also a co-founding member of the Dredge Research…

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Epi course 3.2 - Case reports and case series

epi course

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Mason Institute Investigates Episode 6: Ethics of vulnerability: Lessons from Just Emergencies

Leyla Noury from the Edinburgh Law School shares the best parts of Just Emergencies; a podcast produced by Rebecca Richards from the Edinburgh Law School. The Just Emergencies podcast series is the…

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CIO Start of the Year video

CIO Start of the Year video 2023

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SR course 1.3 - Steps involved in systematic review

UNCOVER/UM/RESPIRE systematic review workshop

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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Anke Boehme (Public Practice)

Anke Boehme (Public Practice)

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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Alison Killing

Alison Killing: Killing Architects

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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Annmarie Adams

Grand Plans: hospital architecture and what it tells usThis talk explores the role of monumentality in a century of hospital design. From the sprawling British pavilion-plan building typology to…

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BHoM 2022 - Ejay Nsugbe

Wednesday 05 October 2022 Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022 Ejay Nsugbe, Nsugbe Research Labs - On Prediction Machines & Clinical Medicine: Case Studies from a Black Cyberneticist and…

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Matt Kerr - Picard-Fuchs equations and motivic Gamma functions

Periods in Mirror Symmetry

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