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3 Detection _ alarm (Part I)

3 Detection & alarm (Part I)

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Creating Belonging for Large Groups in Hybrid

Dr. Cathy Bovill and Prof. Tina Harrison discuss the different strategies that are available for creating a sense of belonging for large groups of students in a hybrid context. This video was…

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Lesson 1: Ocean Biodiversity, Food Webs and Habitats

This video was created by Teresa Ikpe for her learning resource about exploring ocean spaces. Lesson 1 objectives: Introduce the global ocean and explain that it is made up of different basins. …

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LTC_ConnellyMurray presentation

Learning and Teaching Conference - video for poster presentation. Academic support: Ensuring equality and inclusivity for all studentsDr Louise Connelly and Dr Donna Murray

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LSS1_Alexandra Arènes

Landscapes that we once took for granted, such as rivers, soils, trees, turn out to be different when we follow the scientists from the Critical Zone and their sensors placed in observatories.…

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Zones of influence

Spatial distancing and the concept of zones of influence. By Glenna Nightingale and Jacqueline Aim. Copyright © University of Edinburgh 2020 CC BY-NC-SA This work is licensed under a Creative…

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