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Top Tips Assessment Centres 2023

Recording of our Top Tips Assessment Centres session.

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PgCAP Introduction on Becoming an Engaging Teacher by Hazel Christie

Hazel Christie, Head of the Continuing Professional Development Framework at the Institute for Academic Development talks about the first course on PgCAP - Becoming an Engaging Teacher

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Access Humanities 1 Week 01 Video 1 Introduction to Humanities

Access Humanities 1 Week 01 Video 1 Introduction to Humanities

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Trailer: Re-thinking Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Adaptation

Trailer: Re-thinking Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Adaptation E-Learning Course: Music: Space Technologies - MaxKoMusic | Free Stock Music (CC BY-SA…

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Learn Ultra: Creating Learn or Turnitin Assignments

This video demonstrates how to create Learn and Turnitin assignments.

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Introduction to referencing tutorial - Raluca Bunduchi (Director of postgraduate programmes)

Raluca Bunduchi, Director of postgraduate programmes, explains the School's expectations for your academic studies.

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Online Assessments - Used by employers in graduate recruitment

In this session, we will look at online assessments, and cover online interviews, video interviews, online assessment centre activities i.e. group exercises, observed role play etc, as well as online…

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1.2 What is Climate Change?

Watch this short video to get a summary of climate change and actions we need to take.

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About the LEAPS Transitions Course

Keen to prepare for university study? The LEAPS Transitions Course could be for you! The LEAPS Transitions Course is designed to give LEAPS-eligible students the skills and experience needed to…

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The "Advanced search" pages

A description of the 'Quick search' page of the knowledge management hub

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Designing Assessments for Hybrid Teaching

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss designing assessments for hybrid teaching. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen Ross, co-director of the…

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engage - Challenges with assessment - how are we responding to students' feedback?

Students have provided consistent feedback about things we could enhance in assessment and feedback. This session will focus on these key messages to explore what we are doing and what we could do to…

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Get to know your students and let them get to know you

Dr Tim Fawns is Deputy Programme Director of the MSc in Clinical Education and part-time tutor on the MSc in Digital Education and Professor Vel McCune is Deputy Director of the Institute for…

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Creating Belonging for Large Groups in Hybrid

Dr. Cathy Bovill and Prof. Tina Harrison discuss the different strategies that are available for creating a sense of belonging for large groups of students in a hybrid context. This video was…

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Curriculum Development Reflections (Rhind)

Curriculum Development Reflections (Rhind)

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Seth Westra EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Seth Westra Talk Title: Implications of bottom-up framing for climate impact assessments Abstract: There has…

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