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SACHA '23 - Waverley Care: Group 4 Proposal

On 26 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent‚Äč teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Waverley Care. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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Selection on multiple traits in AlphaSimR - Part 1

Now we explore the multi-trait selection in AlphaSimR so that we can design a sustainable and holistic approach to breeding productive and resilient individuals. This involves consideration of the…

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DNA lottery in AlphaSimR Genome - Part 2

We will now look at the randomness of DNA inheritance (the DNA lottery) between parents and progeny, and how this process drives variation and resemblance between genomes of relatives. Please watch…

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Minitab Statistics: Correlations

This video describes the process of running a correlation in Minitab. It is aimed at students of the BVM&S Student Research Course. Outline: 0:55 Loading Data 2:20 Hypothesis 2:51 Correlations…

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Jorge Castillo-Mateo EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Jorge Castillo-Mateo Talk Title: Nonparametric Changepoint Detection Tests Based on the Breaking of Records…

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Topic 66: Joint Signal Statistics and Correlation Matrices (PETARS, Chapter 8)

This video starts to wrap up the Chapter on Stochastic processes by looking at joint signal statistics, such as cross-correlation and cross-covariance, uncorrelated pairs of random processes, and…

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PoS 1 Week 1 Lecture 2 Part 1

Correlations and Causation

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USMR lecture 5 part 2

correlation 2

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AccSoc1 LV6.1 - Wealth and Inequality

Access Programme - Access Social Sciences 1 - 6.1 Wealth and Inequality

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Professor Edwin van Beek - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Professor Edwin van Beek, SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Radiology, as he discusses his research into cardiac (heart) & thoracic (chest) imaging.

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