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Ukraine Crisis Rapid Reaction Briefing Session - Edinburgh Law School

The Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law and the Global Justice Academy present Ukraine Crisis Rapid Reaction Briefing Session Experts from the University of Edinburgh Law School…

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LEL2A: Week 1, lecture 2.

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School of Informatics - Postgraduate Hybrid Teaching Planning 2021/22

Professor Bjoern Franke, School of Informatics Director of Teaching, delivers a short presentation on undergraduate hybrid teaching planning for 2021/22. Recorded on 24 May 2021. 01/07/21…

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Building blocks of UK Copyright: Exceptions

This video explains why we have copyright exceptions in the UK, the concept of Fair Dealing, and looks at a few exceptions including quotation, criticism and review, illustration for education, and…

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Building blocks of UK Copyright: Using, Resuing, & Infringement

This video in the Building Blocks of UK Copyright series, looks at copyright infringement, what it means, and how to avoid it.

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INFD11016: Lecture 3; Video 4 of 5

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Will it bite me? Media, Licensing and online teaching environments. 1: Open and Closed spaces

Part 1 of a series of four videos covering content provide in the 'Will it bite me?' information session to provide teaching staff with the information and tools to use copyright and…

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