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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Futures

Professor Chris Speed, Director of Edinburgh Futures Institute, welcomes students who have been offered a place on the MA Interdiscplinary Futures programme.

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SWW Network Round Table: The British Empire and the Second World War

As the British Empire was mobilised to fight, it had far reaching consequences for all of those involved; the political, social, and economic transformations created new relationships, shifting…

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AIDS Cultural Activism and Speculative Health Promotion

Clip 1: FATHERS 2, A World Without AIDS, Queer Sci-Fi Web Series by Leo Herrera [2:20-5:10] Clip 2: It's A Sin: First look at Russell T Davies' new…

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Thinking Through and Against the Archive: Interview with Samia Henni

This is an interview with Assistant Professor Samia Henni, in which we discuss her work on the built, destroyed and imagined environment. The conversation was recorded on the 6th of May 2021. SAMIA…

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Divinity - Jews and Muslims: Religions, Cultures, Histories

This course (REST08022) introduces students to two traditions which originated in the same geographical area and which share a range of concepts, but whose historical trajectories differ…

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Freedom to Believe - project video report

FtB_v5_final This website is part of the project ‘Freedom to Believe: A Theatre in Education Project Exploring Caribbean Social and Religious…

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