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"What do we talk about when we talk about Trauma?", Professor Cherie Armour

Trauma assessment is the bedrock upon which posttraumatic stress research is based, but are we on shaky foundations? Professor Armour will discuss recent research which examines how we measure…

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Trauma 360

Example of a trauma 360 video

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Resilience After Trauma: The Emerging Science of Dose

Scientists now recognize that the impact of trauma is best thought of in terms of dosage, with each subsequent trauma exposure adding to the harm, in part because of the biological impacts of…

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Course Introduction

Graham and Kitty welcome you to the course and provide an overview of what the course contains and how best to utilise what you learn in your day-to-day life.

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Road to Recovery project: parents' experiences of the pandemic

The Road to Recovery project asked parents of children with intellectual difficulties and complex needs about their experiences during lockdown, as well as how they feel now the restrictions are…

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Pride in Writing: Sapphic Voices

Sapphic stories are often told through the (cisgender, heterosexual) “male gaze” but what happens when we tell our own stories? Magic. Join us for a discussion of the stories only we…

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Low energy fractures

Bone density and trauma Terminology Common fractures Proximal femur fractures

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Limb-threatening injuries

Open fractures Dysvascular limb Nerve injury Compartment syndrome

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Life threatening injuries

• ATLS and its philosophy• ABCDE management of trauma• Recognition and treatment of life-threatening injuries

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Intro to the musculoskeletal system

Mr Gavin Brown

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Body in Motion - Week 10 intro

Welcome to week 10 of the Body in Motion module, 'The ageing skeleton'

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Non-Accidental Injury

Non-accidental injury in the paediatric population. Epidemiology Soft-tissue injuries Fractures Susceptible conditions The role of the doctor

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Clinical Club - Approach to trauma cases - CB

Clinical Club - Approach to trauma cases

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Nikunj - ChM Trauma and Orthopaedics - Winter Graduation 2019

Nikunj discusses his experience of studying online for the ChM Trauma and Orthopaedics. For more information on this particular programme, visit:…

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CNR - Asepsis-patients

4.4 Good aseptic techniques and sterility. Part 4 - Patient preparation Warning: This video may contain footage of surgery, trauma, or disease. The videos were all opportunistically filmed…

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Hear from our Trauma & Orthopaedics Graduate

Our Trauma & Orthopaedics Graduate chats about their programme

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