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Example Semi Structured Interview

This is a mock Semi Structured Interview for educational purposes. It features an actress, Ruth Quigley, talking about how she feeds her cat, Missy. Attached to this video is a full transcript and…

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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Hanson Bharth (University of Warwick)

To turn off subtitles click "CC". Hanson Bharth (University of Warwick) - Wiener-Hopfing the wake of an elastic cylinder

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USMR lecture 2 part 1

All about measuring a notch on a stick

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Referral Tips - Radiology

As a foundation doctor, you will often be asked to discuss investigation requests with the radiology team. This can be a difficult task and can be done poorly if you are unprepared. This video gives…

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Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh) | Autism research and the autism community

Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh).Autism research and the autism community. Sue will discuss: * Liaising with and learning from your mentor* Key considerations when explaining research to…

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Bayesian Classification

Bayesian Classification

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