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Reflection on Induction Week Y1

Reflection on Induction Week Y1

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Induction Activity 4 Y1

Induction Activity 4 Y1

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Episode 4- Top Tips from Students

In this episode we are joined by final year student Will, to get his top tips on making the most of your clinical attachment.

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Tags in Teams

Creating and using tags in Microsoft Teams channels.

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Beyond The Scrubs Podcast - Pilot Episode

Discover the practical ins and outs of clinical assistantships and the transition to a foundation doctor with "Beyond the Scrubs." Hosted by clinical skills experts, our podcast offers a…

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Searching and reviewing the literature 1: Search techniques and preparation

Recorded for Health in Social Science's course Research in Health (online). Part 1 of 2. Slides…

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How to... Make the most out of Short Courses 23/24 (UG/PGT/PGR)

#LoveLearning with UoE Short Courses! Delve into subject areas that are different from your degree programme and build your CV, learn a new language or continue with an existing one, pick up a paint…

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UDD Course Week 2 Video 4

User-driven service design in health and social care - Week 2, Video 4

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Oliver Thomas Interview PTL

Interview Principles of Teaching and Learning

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Research management in "Many Analysts" projects - Stefano Coretta

With the recent increase of large scientific collaborations in the form of "Many Analysts" projects, research project management has quickly moved from small/medium-scale coordination to…

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Presenting yourself with confidence and colour!

Most of us have transferred our work and study lives online over the last couple of years, yet we can still get nervous about delivering webinars and online presentations and events, and sometimes we…

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Jan Smrek

Talk at kinetoplast DNA workshop (2-4 February 2022)

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Careers for a Sustainable Future 2021: Crash Course Communicating Sustainability

Effective communication is an essential part of making sustainable change, yet it's often something individuals and organisations get wrong. In this session, you'll learn: why communication…

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Using the Library for Moses & the Torah

A brief introduction to library resources and support for Moses & the Torah students

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Careers Week 2021: How does virtual graduate recruitment work?

In this panel session employers will discuss the different recruitment methods they’re using and share their tips for how to perform well. This session aims to improve your confidence to excel…

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Introduction to Reflection- Reflector's Version

Introduction to Reflection- Reflector's Version. This recording was updated in March 2022.

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