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How to... Choose a language course 2023-2024 (UG/PGT/PGR)

In this video you will learn which type of languages courses you can choose at the University of Edinburgh: Take a language as an optional subject (outside subjects)…

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South African Open Access and Open Data (An Open Science transition driven by University library repositories) - Daisy Salematsela & Lazarus Matizirofa (Keynotes)

Join our keynotes Daisy Salematsela (Director, WITS Libraries, Johannesburg, South Africa) & Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria) as they give us a survey of the progress being made in…

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Practitioner Networks on the MSc in Digital Education

A recording of an information session for interested applicants from Ugandan universities applying for Mastercard Foundation scholarships

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Structuring Research

A short video on structuring research from the Introduction to Social Research Methods course on the MSc in Digital Education

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Careers Week 2021: Do employers really care about diversity?

A panel of employers will share why diversity is important in their organisation and how they support it. This session will be of particular interest to students who self-identify as Women, LGBT+,…

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Japanese and Korean Studies - Course Options Hub 2021 - LLC

In this short video, Professor Aaron Moore and Dr Holly Stephens introduce a range of courses in Japanese Studies and Korean Studies. If you want to study the Japanese or Korean language as an…

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Exploring the Main Page on Wikisource

A video exploring Wikisource's Main Page. Wikisource, the free library

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Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh

An introduction to Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Final Day Opening: Reflecting on the Past, Present and the Future

Final Day Opening: Reflecting on the Past, Present and the Future SpeakersSession host: Winnie Kabintie, Wikimania Core Organizing Team, Wikimedia User Group KenyaA greeting from the WHO:Dr Tedros…

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Integrating Wikidata into the Wikimedia projects

SpeakersIndividual presentations (5 minutes each):User:Mike Peel (overview) User:Nirali Sahoo (synchronising Wikipedia and Wikidata) EricaAzzellini (Mbabel) Benoît Prieur (French Wikipedia and…

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Neat and tidy: data quality on Wikidata

Session Notes (etherpad)SpeakersLydia Pintscher is the product manager of Wikidata. She studied computer science at the University of Karlsruhe before joining Wikimedia in 2012. She is a long-time…

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Wikimedia and Sustainability-Selecting topics for impact

SpeakersJan Ainali Daniel Mietchen AbstractThis workshop will address how the United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can serve as a framework that helps maximize the social impact…

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How The Wikipedia Library can help you write great articles

SpeakersSam Walton AbstractIn this session we will give an overview of what The Wikipedia Library is and how community members can access and use it effectively.The session will include a demo…

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Science and storytelling: Why who we talk about matters - Dr. Jess Wade at Wikimania 2021

LIGHTNING TALK: Science and storytelling: Why who we talk about matters & Celebratory Toast Dr. Jess Wade will talk about Science and storytelling: Who we talk about matters.Dr. Wade is a…

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Preventing COVID-19 misinformation: A panel with Wikipedia, public health experts, and news media

Preventing misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic: How Wikipedia, public health SpeakersDr. Sanjay Gupta (moderator), CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Julio Frenk, Mexico’s…

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Celebrating the Wikipedia Education Program

SpeakersWikipedia & Education User Group Board:LiAnna Davis Susanna Mkrtchyan Ziko van Dijk Filip Maljković João Alexandre Peschanski AbstractThe history of the Wikimedia movement is…

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