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How Email Works

In order to understand the best practices to protect your email account from being hacked, it helps to have a basic understanding of how email actually works. In this episode of Security Matters,…

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How to Edit Wikipedia - unabridged version

How to Edit Wikipedia - unabridged version 2018 tutorial including how to navigate your way round a page.

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Student Services Fair

We hope that all of our students feel right at home with us here at Edinburgh. But if you ever need any personal or academic support during your studies then there are a number of student services…

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Naive Bayes for Spam Detection

Naive Bayes for Spam Detection

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Bayesian Classification

Bayesian Classification

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MS Outlook 2013 Tutorial: Dealing with Junk E-mails

This short video describes how to set up a filter to use the University's Spam Assassin service to identify Junk E-mail, and to direct it away from your Inbox in Outlook 2013. Video contains…

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Send an email to a group of students in Learn

This short video shows how you (as instructor) can send an email to a particular group of students in Learn.

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