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Alumni Perspectives - Jacquelyn MacLennan

Jacquelyn MacLennan (LLB, 1983 & PGD, 1984) was a Partner at White & Case, one of the world's leading global law firm of more than 2,500 lawyers worldwide. Jacquelyn focused in…

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Library Bitesize: Using PRISMA ​ for reporting your systematic review search methods

This recorded Library Bitesize will introduce the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement and its extensions for use in transparent reporting of…

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Week 6 - Video 2

Roman Egypt; Essays

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How to... Funding for postgraduate students (PGT/PGR)

This short video will cover: Funding available for postgraduate students (PGT and PGR) UK and international students UK Governmental Support Government funding for overseas students University…

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SR course 6b - Screening is a two-stage process

SR course

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SR course 6a - Applying screening criteria

SR course

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Alumni Insights (Deanery of Biomedical Sciences & School of Biological Sciences) - Andrew Lee, Associate Principal Biostatistician, Astra Zeneca

Andrew Lee, Associate Principal Biostatistician, Astra Zeneca, shares his career journey since graduating and offers insights to what has helped her to progress his career. After gaining his…

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SR course 4.3 - Is this systematic review well conducted?

SR course

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SR course 1.3 - Steps involved in systematic review

UNCOVER/UM/RESPIRE systematic review workshop

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The New Real 2023 AI Art Commission - Information Session Recording 01

Recording of presentation by Drew Hemment, Director of the New Real, sharing who we are, what we do and insights into our upcoming commission and application criteria. The New Real 2023 AI Art…

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[IRR 2022] Introduction (Part 2): What is a literature review and how to get started?

This part of the lecture explains what a literature review is and how to get started with the IRR

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Multiple markers & moderation with PMark

How to use PMark forms to moderate between multiple markers.

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Asset pages: overview

A description of the main page leading to the different asset pages of the Knowledge Management Hub.

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Video C

Critical Thinking Retreat - Video C

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Presentation for applicants from Cyprus - December 2021

Doug Thompson, International Recruitment Manager - Europe, provides an introduction to the University discussing the University's renowned research environment, diverse global community as well…

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Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc

Learn more about the Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc in this presentation by Dr Tiejun Ma, Programme Director, followed by a Q&A session.Originally recorded in November…

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