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DENS SIV Protocol Training slides

Protocol Version 4 Training Slides

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DENS Trial SOP Training slides

SOP Training slides for the DENS Trial. These must be viewed before your Site Initiation Visit.

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Extremes of Energy Systems : David Brayshaw

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar.Name: David Brayshaw Title: Weather and climate risk in power systems with renewables Abstract:…

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School of Informatics - Undergraduate Hybrid Teaching Planning 2021/22

Professor Bjoern Franke, School of Informatics Director of Teaching, delivers a short presentation on undergraduate hybrid teaching planning for 2021/22. Recorded on 25 May 2021. 01/07/21…

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Postcards from Network Theory - Ernesto Estrada

EMS online talk Ernesto Estrada (Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complexity, Palma de Mallorca) Postcards from Network Theory 21 May 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC…

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Dr Suvankar Pal - MND-SMART Newsletter Introduction

April 2021 MND-SMART Clinical trial newsletter introduction from Co-lead investigator Dr Suvankar Pal. Find out more at

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WindFuel Blyth Floating Offshore Wind Farm (IDCORE)

Presentation of a proposed floating offshore wind demonstration array off the coast of Blyth, UK as part of the 2021 IDCORE group design project by team WindFuel.

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ERCCT - Informed Consent in Emergency Research

Lead Research Nurse for Stroke, Allan MacRaild, discusses some of the special considerations when seeking informed consent in an emergency setting, such as stroke trials.

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Drawdown In Practice

climate change solutions

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APMCS lecture 2 part 1

Adv. Phil of Mind and Cog Sci.Lecture 2. part 1. Introduction.

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Greats: From Plato to the Enlightenment - Lecture 11

Greats: From Plato to the Enlightenment - Lecture 11

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 5th 2021, 12:07:27 pm

Video 1 Across the Lifespan

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'Sex, Drugs and (In)Capacity' 16th December 2020

Alexandra Aldridge, Department of Law and Criminology, Royal Holloway, University of London Alex Aldridge is doing a PhD in Criminology and Sociology at Royal Holloway, University of London. She…

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