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UDD Course Week 2 Video 4

User-driven service design in health and social care - Week 2, Video 4

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Usher innovation community

The Usher innovation community supports collaboration between academics, service professionals and industry to identify, evaluate and adopt new data-driven solutions to transform the delivery of care…

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#DDIdisussions | Covid19 and Data: One Year On

As part of the #DDIdiscussions series DDI held a webinar on Wednesday 24th March. Twelve months from the national lockdown in spring 2020, we discussed the lessons learned and how far the pandemic…

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DDI Town Hall Tuesday 16th March with Matjaz Vidmar and Fumi Kitagawa

DDI Town Hall on Tuesday, 16th March 2021 were joined by Matjaz Vidmar and Fumi Kitagawa, to present their recent studies conducted in the City Region identifying new opportunities for data-driven…

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DDI Webinar : The role of data in global financial innovation

It's full steam ahead for the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence in Edinburgh - awarded a £22.5m UK Research and Innovation grant.What will the Centre do? What exactly do we mean by…

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