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Lecture 1 part 1A Kaltura Capture recording - January 13th 2022, 10:58:40 am

Lecture 1 part 1A

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Curriculum Development Reflections (Walsh)

Curriculum Development Reflections (Walsh)

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Course options: Religious Studies

Introducing the courses "Studying Religions", "Global Indigenous Religions" and "Religions of Ancient India"

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Social Policy and Society SCPL08004 - Richard Brodie Course Organiser

An introduction to Social Policy and Society, By Richard Brodie This course runs in Semester One It is worth 20 credits for first and second year undergraduates who are interested in social issues…

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Divinity - Christian Theology: Doctrines and Debates

This course (THET08017) offers a critical and detailed study of selected doctrines of the Christian faith, dealing with such subjects as Scripture, the Trinity, Christology, pneumatology, creation…

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Community: myth busting online learning

Since 2005 our online postgraduate degrees have offered students the opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world. Follow our myth busting series on our Online Learning channel. …

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Course Outro

Course Outro

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Dr Emile Chabal -Contemporary France & French Politics- Research in a Nutshell

Emile talks about his research.

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