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Designing Assessments for Hybrid Teaching

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss designing assessments for hybrid teaching. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen Ross, co-director of the…

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New Wikimedia projects - Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia

Speakers Denny Vrandečić (WMF) - Product Manager Adam Baso (WMF) - Engineering Director James Forrester (WMF) - Software Engineer Genoveva Galarza (WMF) - Software Engineer Arthur Lorenzi - Volunteer…

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Covidence for systematic reviews - top tips (Dissertation Festival)

Presenters: Thulani Ashcroft and Kayla Ostrishko See Attachments for a copy of the presentation slides Covidence is a web-based application designed to support teams conducting systematic …

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This is the second video on Problem Solving and Search: we see how we formulate problems and why abstraction is important for problem solving.

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2 Abstract Type Illustrator

Video content for Introduction to Design by Maria Stoian, Teaching Fellow in Design as part of the Open Studies Arts Hub,an online learning resource , Centre for Open Learning.

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Fitting Parameters

How we fit parameters for the linear model

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Dr Emile Chabal -Contemporary France & French Politics- Research in a Nutshell

Emile talks about his research.

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Mathematics You'll Need

Mathematics You'll Need

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