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2 Flammability (Part I)

Fire Safety Engineeing 5/MSc cive11055/pgee112452. Flammability (Part I)

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Balsells and Brondi (2020) Global health & infectious diseases: security and inequalities after the IHR (2005)

Webinar by Evelyn Balsells and Luciana Brondi discussing global health and infectious diseases through a review of public health emergencies after the IHR(2005)

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Advanced Therapies Regulation in Argentina

Presentation from the MI Lunch on 9 October 2018 at the Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre – 2nd Floor, Doorway 1, Teviot Medical School, the University of Edinburgh.

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ERCCT - History of Clinical Trial Regulation: Part 2

Part 2 of lecture on the history of clinical trial regulation for the MSc Clinical Trials course Ethical and Regulatory Considerations in Clinical Trials, given by Course Lead, James Gibson.

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Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSELecture 1 Introduction (Part II)

Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSE Lecture 1 Introduction (Part II)

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Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSE, Lecture 1 Introduction (Part I)

Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSELecture 1 Introduction (Part I)

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Course Outro

Course Outro

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AI Regulation Discussion, Week 10

Joyce Tait and Subramanian Ramamoorthy reply to questions on their talks about regulation of AI and autonomous vehicles

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Regulating for Innovation Post-Brexit - Prof Joyce Tait

Controversies inthe Data Society 2020 Joyce Tait explore what we can learn from the history of…

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5.1 - What is coming next in Block

Mitigating Climate Change - Carbon Capture Storage

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